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Red took the jar from her and then craned his head to look over the substance inside, “Thank-you.” Inclining his head appreciatively the demon slipped it down into the pocket of his leather duster, he wasn’t used to this; people not running away or calling him a monster. In fact this was the first time he recalled being thanked for his work. “It’s my job.” He said in response.  


"Job or not, it’s still appreciated." Kettu snapped the clasp on her bag shut, tossing her hair over her shoulder and out of her face as she looked up at the much taller man. "An’ ye good at it! Saw the whole thing, ain’t a thing folk ‘round here could do." Folk around where? They were miles from a town. She shifted the overstuffed bag on her shoulder and looked around, "No offense, I thought he had ye fer a second there." The woman giggled, the smile on her face seemed a very fitting expression for her, and she grinned, "Guess I can’t underestimate ye, eh? Yeh, I seen the comics they made. I should’a known better." He had done nothing to warrant her fear, and she even didn’t mind teasing him a little, it seemed.

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"Ye got… uh… is that blood? It’s kinda… green." She motioned to her own cheek, indicating where it was on his face. "Made a right mess o’ things, did ye?"

"Ah, crap.” Hellboy lifted his human hand to wipe a large glob of slime from his cheek, he flicked it off onto the ground. “Damn hell hounds, lets just say ol’stinky won’t be make’in an appearance any time soon.” He said with a smug grin. 


The small woman chuckled and grinned at him, “Glad t’ hear it, thank ye. It’s been terrorizin’ th’ area.” She turned her head and fished in her messenger bag, pulling out and offering him a jar of salve, “Here, in case it bit ye, ‘r the folk came with ye. Tends for infection easy.” Sometimes her best attempt at polite conversations started with medicine, and she was always happy to give it where it could be used. “Bringin’ peace back ‘round here, well, it’s appreciated.”


"One hell of a stare’in problem you’ve got there bud."


"Ye got… uh… is that blood? It’s kinda… green." She motioned to her own cheek, indicating where it was on his face. "Made a right mess o’ things, did ye?"

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"Intimidated…" Clopin hugged her and wondered a bit at his friend’s nervousness. He had never thought of himself as particularly intimidating. "Well then. I shall endeavor to be less so, but could you perhaps suggest how? I am not certain what I have done to make you feel that way. And you are no fool," he lifted her head to look at him again, hand cupping her cheek. "Of that I am sure. But tell me, what sort of woman do you think I take to, exactly?"

His eyes were clouded with confusion as he considered the thought. Though he flirted, he was rarely serious. He thought it would be obvious when he was, but apparently not. Or perhaps it was her lack of experience that- was that it? It seemed almost laughable. Why should he like her any less if she had no experience with relationships? Her previous relations weren’t what he was interested in. And if she truly had no experience at all, then he would go as slowly as she needed. He was not in any hurry to bed her. He simply wanted to get to know her better, in a new way. 

"Kettu… I like you. All that matters to me is whether or not you like me, as well. From there, we can see what happens. If you do not, we can go on as we have before. Do you like me? As more than a friend?"

“Maybe not exactly “intimidating” in a horrible way.” She tried to come up with a better word, but couldn’t quite, her mind too lost in everything else. Particularly the feel of his arms around her, and the closeness of his body. He was warm, and she wanted to snuggle into him and enjoy that, slip herself into his comforting nearness and forget everything for a long while. “I have no clue what sort o’ women ye like, an’ it ain’t a bit o’ my business.”

Her attention jumped to his face again, when he admitted to liking her. “Of course I do! Ye gotta be a crazed fool not t’ see that!” She smiled and reached up to touch his cheek as well, cool fingertips trailing his cheekbone and then down along his jaw line. “I do care, very greatly, fer ye, Clopin.” His name was said as warm and gently as any endearment, but carried more weight in her heart. “Please don’t think I’m tryin’ t’ turn ye down, I’m just…” she shrugged a little, “lost. Unsure o’ meself. Afraid to let ye down. I’d hate meself if I did that t’ ye.”

Shuffling herself closer to him, she leaned her head against his chest. “I told ye, I’m a fool. But please, don’t ye ever thing I’d push ye away.” She gave him a quick tight squeeze, before lifting her head and giving him one of her signature bright and warm smiles, “How about… we find somewhere t’ sit, have a glass o’ somethin’ tasty, an’ just have some time with no one ’round t’ bother us?”

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A friend of a friend of a friend. Sometimes information was like a spider web, contacts, favors, things owed, things needed, things available.

Kettu hadn’t been in the Boston area long, and it took four tries to find the place she was going, but eventually, she got there. Adjusting the messenger back on her shoulder, she pushed her red unruly curls from her face, puffing a strand out of the way, and turning her eyes up to the ramshackle building. People lived here? Her nose crinkled up, and she shook her head, walking into the building and making her way upstairs.

Checking the notepaper in her hand, she made her way to the door with the appropriate number on the door. Knocking lightly she called out, “Hello?” Leaning near the door, she tried to listen for any sounds inside. “I was told t’ come here, someone needed medicine?” She placed one slender hand on the bag, the mason jars inside clinking against each other. They had a variety of antibacterial and cleaning solutions for wounds, and some salves to help basic healing. “Hello?” Her voice almost sounded Irish, but there was something different about it, almost as though she’d grown up somewhere else instead.

Glancing to the side she watched a rat scurry around the corner and smiled a little.

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Added a page with Kettu’s wares, things she sells as a herbalist. You can always approach her for purchases as a starter :)


 ”What’ve you got there?” 

"New batch of pipe leaf! Just about t’ put it up fer sale. Though, I could use th’ good braggin’ word of an honest dwarf. There’s a free bag in it fer ye." Sure the bag wasn’t the size of the pouches she sold, but it was a couple of good long pipes worth, and as she said, free.

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